Modern Arms has a fully equipped machine shop with state of the art equipment. We can bring your idea to life. If you are trying to get a concept off the ground but don't have the essential tools to make it a reality it can be very expensive.  We have over 20 years of CAD experience to get the ball rolling on your Idea.  With CAD models it is easy to produce your patent drawings and marketing literature. 

      Take the next step and make a 3d printed version of your idea.  We have a 3D printer in house and can turn around most parts in just a day or 2.  A wonderful use of 3D printed parts is that it allows the designer to test the ergonomics of a part. As a designer it is important to hold a finished part in your hand before investing the thousands of dollars in part fixtures, programs, and molds.  Avoid costly mistakes by printing out your design and proceed with confidence. If you already have a CAD model and would like a quote for a printed part send us an STL file.

     CNC machining or Computer Numerical Control is the ideal method of material removal.  Manual machines depend on the human operator to maintain consistency of machined parts.  CNC takes the operator error out of production.  CNC machines allow a computer to do all the thinking and produce parts faster and more accurately and that reduces cost when you need more than just one part.  Our shop has a 2 axis CNC lathe for cylindrical parts and a 4 axis CNC Mill for your milling needs.  We prefer to do small runs of parts so if you are looking for 50 to 200 of something that is ideal.  We have a sister shop in town that can handle larger production demands and will refer you to them if need be.



contract us for prototyping or small part low production runs